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A time for militant moderation (Times of Israel, March 2023) Things fall apart; the center cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world…

— W. B. Yeats

Here’s what Israel’s friends can really do to help (Times of Israel, Feb 2023) If you are a friend of Israel, do not add fuel to the fire by taking sides. If you want to play a constructive role, support leaders and institutions that are promoting unity.

Ukraine, Passover and how to spread freedom (Times of Israel, April 2022) The question the Passover narrative raises is at what point the control we all have over others undermines their dignity as beings created in the image of God.

.So all lives don’t matter (Times of Israel, Feb 2022) The confluence of the COVID pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement presents an opportunity to think more carefully about the value we actually place on the lives of people we don’t know.

Shockingly, I like the Bennett-Lapid government. Here’s why (Times of Israel, Jan 2022) It’s a fractious coalition that must compromise to survive. The Jewish approach to law views making concessions as a feature, not a bug

How secular Israel became so religious (Times of Israel, Dec 2021) What draws outsiders to adapt a large part of the Sephardic lifestyle and outlook is a rootedness that provides an unspoken connection to one’s people.

Jonathan Sacks, morality and Facebook algorithms (Times of Israel, Oct 2021) Before blaming a company for fomenting partisan hate, the late rabbi’s teachings would have us take a good look at ourselves in the mirror.

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