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Rabbi Francis Nataf: We only begin with the parsha and discuss what everybody is missing about the Torah, Judaism, Israel and the world at large.

Why You Can't Trust Yourself in Elul and What to do About it The Parsha, ETC! with Rabbi Francis Nataf

It is normal to be subjective, but when it comes to making decisions, it is wise to minimize it. While we can do that reasonably well in that department when it comes to others, it is much harder when it comes to ourselves. Here are a few strategies in how to compensate for that. — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
  1. Why You Can't Trust Yourself in Elul and What to do About it
  2. Can We Pray for Sports?
  3. Was Moshe a Postmodernist?
  4. Women Rabbis and the Daughters of Tzelofehad
  5. Bulls and Bears, Evolution and Why R. Yehoshua Preferred Shortcuts


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Halachic Theory

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Video – Can We Pray?

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