The Plea of a Forsaken Mitzvah

We should work with the assumption that when workarounds are accepted by a large part of the Jewish people and its rabbinic leadership, they are axiomatically correct. In the case of interest, it is hard to imagine asking religious Jews to avoid all financial arrangements that involve taking or giving interest from a Jewish-owned company. In Israel, that would mean almost all banks, credit card and mortgage companies, just for starters.  

Yet this creates a problem: Since the commandments are all meant to engender some positive effect; when a commandment is not practiced, that effect will not be attained either. That said, there is often more than one road that reaches the same destination. In other words, it may be especially important to understand the purpose of these commandments, so as to try to find another way to get to it. To read more at the Jewish Press, click here.

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